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This page contains videos explaining different electrochemical processes.

Current sources: batteries, rechargeable batteries, metal-air batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors.

What are the working principles of electrochemical energy storage units, how to prepare these by yourself? What is the future energy source for vehicles - battery, fuel cell or supercapacitor? Look at the following videos:

Electrochemical synthesis, polishing and deposition of metals

Electrochemically deposited nickel is quite common in bathroom. Also, electrochemical treatment is used for polishing, for example aluminium and stainless steel. Electricity helps to get hydrogen from water, aluminium and alkaline metals are synthesised using electrolysis. Also, sodium chlorate-KClO3, found in matches and pyrotechnical mixtures, is prepared via electrolysis. Metal activity row K Ca Na Mg Al Zn Cr Fe Ni Sn Pb H2 Cu Hg Pt Au predicts which metals react with acids, evolving hydrogen, and afore metals push away rear metals.