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NEW! Sodium-ion battery
Kumb on tulevik, kas Li või Na?
Flame test of copper salts.
Vasesoola leek ja tulekerad
SOFC - electricity from methane

New project "200+ Experiments in Chemistry" is shown for the first time with total of ~206 videos. We are shooting new videos in 8k to deliver best possible content for future video screens. It is designed for chemistry teachers to comment experiment videos in front of classroom as well as self-learning for students. Click links to see ~20 free samples.

1. Chemistry is fun

Chemical clock
Thermochromic compounds
Artificial seaweeds
Magic wand
Magical color changes
2. Characteristics of a chemical reaction

Evidence of chemical reactions
Color changes
Evolution of gas
Formation of an insoluble compound
Sound effect, nitrogen triiodide
Release of heat
Absorption of heat
Videos have been made to follow a typical (base) school chemistry course programme: What is a chemical reaction, introducing some chemistry lab techniques, simple physical chemistry, inorganic reactions, etc.

3. Separation of mixtures

Vacuum filtration
Chemical purification of gases

4. Solutions, pH (10 videos)

5. Rate of reaction, equilibrium (7 videos)

6. Nonmetals
6.1. Oxygen, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, silicon

Preparation of oxygen
Liquid oxygen
Water ignites fire (peroxide + Al)
Combustion of coal in KNO3
Burning sulfur in air and oxygen
Combustion of sulfur in KNO3
Hydrogen sulfide
Sulfuric acid and metals
Combustion of red phosphorus
Combustion of white phosphorus
Does silicon dissolve in acids and bases?**

6.2. Hydrogen (7 videos)

6.3. Carbon dioxide (8 videos)

6.4. Nitrogen and ammonia (8 videos)

Original "100+ Experiments in chemistry" (>65 videos in SD resolution, flash format) was published in 2011 mostly in Estonian language. Current improved version was refilmed with higher resolution cameras (2k-8k).

6.5. Chlorine (10 videos)

7. Metals:
7.1. Alkali metals

Reaction of lithium and water
Reaction of sodium and water
Reaction of sodium and ethanol
Reaction of sodium and sulfur
Reaction of potassium and water
Oxidation of rubidium in air
7.2. Alkali-earth metals (5 videos)

7.3. Aluminum and zinc

Combustion of zinc powder in air
Reaction of zinc with acids
Reaction of metals and iodine
Amphoteric nature of aluminum
Reaction of aluminium and bromine
7.4. Transition metals - d-metals having variable oxidation states (8 videos)

7.5. Flame tests (7 videos)

This video has been really shot using 8k camera, it is possible to rent it. However, it is not only about resolution, but also dynamic range and color depth are much higher than for older HD cameras (sample).
See video on tehtud 8k videokaameraga, mida on võimalik ka Tartus laenutada.

8. Organic compounds (13 videos)

9. Electrochemistry & energy storage

Galvanic cell
Lithium-ion battery**
PEM fuel cell and storing wind energy**
Nickel-metal hydride battery
Lead-acid battery
Redox potentials

10. (4 videos)

11. (10 videos)

12.1 (8 videos)

12.2 (12 videos)

12.3 (12 videos)

12.4 Instrumental analysis (6 videos)

If you wish to unlock a single video in public, become a sponsor (contact chemicum.videos@gmail.com). Whole video package could be translated in your language and published in your digital e-book system, see more here . Copyright Superaccu OÜ.