Tavo Romann, Researcher, University of Tartu, Institute of Chemistry, Chair of applied electrochemistry.

Scientific research: *Thin film deposition - conductive layers for supercapacitors, ion-conducting layers for fuel cells, metal and carbon films for IR and Raman studies. *Electrochemical properties of ionic liquids in graphene and other carbon electrodes. In situ IR and Raman studies. *New constructions of supercapacitors and batteries
Some publications: (full list is here)
[*] T. Romann, E. Anderson, P. Pikma, H. Tamme, P. Möller, E. Lust, Reactions at graphene| tetracyanoborate ionic liquid interface–New safety mechanisms for supercapacitors and batteries, Electrochem. Commun 74 (2017) 38-41, doi.

[*] H. Kurig, M. Russina, I. Tallo, M. Siebenbürger, T. Romann, E. Lust, The suitability of infinite slit-shaped pore model to describe the pores in highly porous carbon materials, Carbon 100 (2016) 617-624.
[*] R. Jäger, E. Härk, T. Romann, U. Joost, E. Lust, C (Mo 2 C) and Pt–C (Mo 2 C) based mixed catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 761 (2016) 89-97.
[*] G. Nurk, M. Vestli, P. Möller, R. Jaaniso, M. Kodu, H. Mändar, T. Romann, E. Lust, Mobility of Sr in Gadolinia Doped Ceria Barrier Layers Prepared Using Spray Pyrolysis, Pulsed Laser Deposition and Magnetron Sputtering Methods, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (2016), F88-F96.
[*] T. Romann, O. Oll, P. Pikma, K. Kirsimäe, E. Lust, 4-10 volt capacitors with graphene-based electrodes and ionic liquid electrolyte, Journal of Power Sources 280 (2015) 606-611, doi.

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[*] Tõnurist, Kerli; Vaas, Ingrid; Thomberg, Thomas; Jänes, Alar; Kurig, Heisi; Romann, Tavo; Lust, Enn (2014). Application of multistep electrospinning method for preparation of electrical double-layer capacitor half-cells . Electrochimica Acta, 119, 72 - 77.
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[*] Tõnurist, Kerli; Thomberg, Thomas; Jänes, Alar; Romann, Tavo; Sammelselg, Väino; Lust, Enn (2013). Influence of separator properties on electrochemical performance of electrical double-layer capacitors. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 689, 8 - 20.
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