Kemizoo  is a free 3D molecule manipulation tool. The software is suitable for chemistry education as well as entertainment, everybody can link or embed the molecules to their homepage. Currently, database contains ~350 structures. Web pages : 

  1. Kemizoo - the structure fills the window, it is possible to select molecules in topics given.

  2. Kemizoo quiz - guess up to 100 molecules by rotating 3D structures. There are 10 levels in the game (random, inorganics, IUPAC, polymers, funny names, biochemistry, amino acids, food, poisons, explosives). You must get at least 10 points to get to the next level. Every correct answer gives 2 points, but wrong one -1p and seeing Hint2 also results -1p.

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the following three molecules have been obtained by some changes in the embed code:


Copyright: Kemizoo was written by Tavo Romann (PhD), contact .

Everybody can embed Kemizoo molecules to their home pages, if it is free to the users.